Stair Lift Overview

Stair Lifts have become an excellent solution for providing safe and easy mobility between levels in your home helping thousands of people regain their independence. These types of lifts can be installed quickly on a standard straight set of steps and can also be configured to fit curved stairs cases. Designed for safety, comfort and ease of use, chair lifts are a perfect answer for any one who needs assistance with steps. Stair lifts (sometimes called a chair lift, stairglide or stair climber) are the perfect, affordable solution to mobility issues with your stairs, making your whole home accessible again.

Stair lifts can take you up and down your stairs effortlessly in safety and comfort, like a personal 'elevator for your stairs'. Once again you can enjoy your whole home again. Not simply for the handicapped, stairlifts are a great solution for anyone who finds difficulty using the staircase.

Independent Elevator Company will work with you to find you the best solution for your specific application. We have many vendors with an array of lifts that we can choose from to fit your space. After finding the best lift we will install the lift for a lifetime of dependable use.

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