Preventative Maintenance Overview

At Independent Elevator, the number one (#1) service we sell to our customers is reliability! Whether it's a traction, hydraulic, or MRL elevator, we offer turnkey solutions and flexible repair service plans for them all.

Elevators reflect your building's image - how they run and how often they are out-of-service reflect the image in a positive or negative way. Top elevator performance is a result of top quality service and a program of preventative maintenance.

Managing your building's elevator needs should not be your responsibility; leave that to us and out experienced staff.

Emergency Service is available 24/7

- Regular Examination and Lubrication Maintenance -

Commonly called Grease and Oil is designed to provide timely preventative maintenance on a Scheduled Basis. Repairs and parts are an additional cost.

- Master Preventative Maintenance -

Is a Full Service program including the preventative scheduled examination and lubrication, most repairs, parts and over-time callbacks.

- Repairs -

Independent Elevator Company has the knowledge and technical experience to handle any elevator repair, no matter what make or model - whether on a planned or emergency basis.

- Safety Tests -

We can perform one and five year tests for compliance with A.N.S.I., state and federal regulations.

- Upgrades -

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Code Compliance
Cab Renovation
Hydraulic Valve Replacement
Door Detectors
Telephone Installation
Controller Updates
Jack Replacements
Rope Replacements
Fixture Upgrades

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